Not in a million years!

An article in the Daily Telegraph (22/3/18) came up with an astonishing statistic. “Back pain costs Britain a million years in lost productivity annually, with GPs signing patient off work too easily”. This was based on a series of reports in the Lancet which rounded on doctors for prescribing painkillers and sometimes surgery, neither of.. read more →

A pressing matter for your health

At northlondonosteopaths Alan Nevies and his associates are always interested in the latest advice for improved general and specific bone and muscle health. A scientific study recently published in the American Journal of Epidemiology revealed that doing the correct but quite simple exercises at home on a regular basis delivered significant health benefits, on par.. read more →


For those who are keen to welcome the pending spring as days start to grow longer and brighter, the Daily Telegraph (9/1/18) sounds a cautionary note. “Don’t put your back into it” warns the headline, and the article quotes the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). A recent study has found that if digging is done in.. read more →

We can help you shoulder the burden

An article in the Daily Telegraph, appearing on Tuesday 21/11/17 claimed that an increasingly popular form of shoulder surgery carried out on more than 21,000 people is almost entirely pointless. At northlondonosteopaths, Alan Nevies and his colleagues treat many patients with shoulder pain from various causes. They were therefore very interested in this study as.. read more →

Winter Sports Advice from northlondonosteopaths

Not just for the skiers! As we head towards the winter months, the need for regular and appropriate exercise does not change. However the colder weather means that our bodies need a different approach in order to procure maximum benefit, hopefully without any injury. Muscles and joints will need to be warmed up gently with.. read more →

Cranial Service

Northlondonosteopaths provides a cranial service, most commonly used and appreciated by parents with babies who have difficulty settling into post birth routine. Our cranial specialist, Sean Noimark explains below how this form of osteopathy can help babies in this particular case, although older children and adults may also benefit from cranial osteopathy in certain instances… read more →

Stand up more

In an earlier blog we discussed the merits of changing the traditional seat- at -desk for the office to a more upright version. A recent article in the times ( Sept 29 2017) described a novel approach adopted by the Kewstoke primary school near Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. They invested in special standing desks after research suggested.. read more →

Frightening headlines

The Times, Friday July 14, boldly and depressingly describes “How ill health is turning retirement into hard work.” The first paragraph went on to say “The average man or woman will spend their entire retirement in ill health a watch dog has warned.” A prominent table in the centre of this dismal article listed lower.. read more →

5 steps to a healthier spine

Today’s lifestyle, often associated with long periods seated in front of a screen, does not encourage a healthy spine and makes it more challenging to achieve strength in the muscles that foster good posture. The consequences of the related bad habits impact externally and internally. Externally, the hunched shoulders, tense neck and painful lower back.. read more →

Budding Developments

At northlondonosteopaths Alan Nevies and his colleagues are abreast of latest developments and advice regarding back and other pain related to the muscular skeletal system. Professor Stuart McGill, professor of spine bio mechanics at the University of Waterloo in Canada questions the validity of blanket approaches and treatments including yoga and Pilates as being the.. read more →