30 Dec 2022

A shoulder pain that isn’t connected to the shoulder?

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Alan Nevies and his colleagues at northlondonosteopaths try to help and heal people with their musculoskeletal problems. We want to draw your attention to a recent article by Dr James LeFanu in the Daily Telegraph entitled “Shoulder pain and retching remedy”. Not something that can be helped by an osteopath. A patient was complaining of abdominal discomfort, vomiting and left shoulder pain. The shoulder pain is the giveaway as to the source of the pain. This indicates the involvement of the phrenic nerve (which innervates both the shoulder and the diaphragm ),that separates the chest from the abdomen. The combination of symptoms suggests an intermittent “gastric volvulus” where the stomach twists on its axis and obstructs the passage of its contents towards the duodenum and is readily corrected with a stitch fixing the stomach in position. Alan Nevies and his colleagues at northlondonosteopaths would refer you to the appropriate practitioner in this case!