“Thank you so very much for the session I had with you on Friday morning. Before seeing you, I was in agony – and the pain was actually making me feel sick. After the session, miraculously, I felt instant relief. Even though I can’t make the session organised for Tuesday, tomorrow, due to an urgent domestic problem, I appreciate the after care. I know I need it to be absolutely sure anything nasty isn’t going on. I will re-schedule when I can. Your help was subtle, it seemed to me, and it worked! I was afraid of more pain. Now, my experience tells me I can trust your methods, Thank you


“Dear Mr Nevies, Just to let you know the back is much better than it was. Many thanks for your help. Kind regards, Yours Sincerely,


“Alan has treated me with diligent care for many decades. On one memorable occasion when getting up in the morning, I sneezed explosively and in so doing ricked my back so violently that I could not move a further muscle without excruciating pain. My husband was on the phone to Alan and within the hour I was treated there and then. Alan inspires confidence and certainly merits the high regard in which his patients hold him.”

Mrs B

“I have known and been treated by Mr Nevies over the best part of the last thirty years, mainly for problems related to my lower back condition, for which surgery was needed in 1994.

Throughout this time Mr Nevies has shown the highest degree of professionalism and skill, as well as a most soothing ‘bedside manner’, which I have always found to put me at my ease – even when I have been in pain.

Other members of my family have also benefitted from treatments by Mr Nevies and his wide range of professional contacts has invariably meant that if further referrals to consultants and other specialists has been necessary, he has always been able to arrange this most quickly and efficiently.

I have no hesitation in recommending his services.”

Mr L

“I am very pleased that I have the opportunity to express my heart felt thanks to Alan Nevies for the excellent treatment I received over the years. He always followed up the treatment with a personal enquiry which was most reassuring.”

Mr C