NASA technology to protect its ballerinas from injury

The Royal Ballet is adapting NASA technology to protect its ballerinas from injury, with overworked dancers now able to soothe their tired limbs by wearing bandages developed using space suit technology. The leg wraps, made by the sports equipment company Game Ready, deliver tissue repairing therapy with cold compressions and are part of the company’s.. read more →

It’s time to take the UK’s musculoskeletal health seriously

A recent supplement in the Daily Telegraph began with the eye catching headline “It’s time to take the UK’s musculoskeletal health seriously.” Full page articles about osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile arthritis, the effects of depression that may present with a diagnosis of arthritis, dealt with the real issues that patients with these conditions face. At.. read more →

Robotic knee replacement lecture

Alan nevies and associates of northlondonosteopaths went to a lecture on robotic knee replacement . This very interesting lecture described the benefits of robot-assisted surgery. For those of our patients who need a more invasive solution to their knee problems a successful robotic knee replacement surgery might create a more “normal” feeling knee and result.. read more →

Not in a million years!

An article in the Daily Telegraph (22/3/18) came up with an astonishing statistic. “Back pain costs Britain a million years in lost productivity annually, with GPs signing patient off work too easily”. This was based on a series of reports in the Lancet which rounded on doctors for prescribing painkillers and sometimes surgery, neither of.. read more →