10 May 2022

At northlondonosteopaths.co.uk Alan Nevies and his colleagues are very conscious about sharing useful tips that help prevent visits to the osteopath! According to an article in The Times UK, Saturday April 9 2022, the humble squat has moved up the ranks in the hierarchy of THE MOST IMPORTANT EXERCISE. Besides the superficial benefits of toned glutes and firm buttocks, we now add to the list its credentials as an all body strength building move that improves stability and flexibility. Perhaps more fancifully it is also reputed (to be fact checked!) to blast fat with a few daily repetitions. According to Dr Richard Blagrove, lecturer in physiology at Loughborough University “ They are a time efficient and very effective strength exercise that work a very large volume of muscle mass including most of the muscles in our legs, the postural trunk muscles, the glutes, calves and muscles in our backs.”

As if this comprehensive list of benefits is not enough, squats also enable good physiological function as we age. Dalton Wong of Twenty Two Training observes “ Squats mimic many of the functional movement patterns we perform in every day life such as sitting to standing, climbing stairs and bending to pick something up. The more we can strengthen the muscles needed to perform these movements by squatting, the slower the rate of physical decline as we age.”

Alan Nevies and his colleagues are ready to advise you on the best way to squat to get maximum benefit from this wonder exercise.