08 Oct 2017

In an earlier blog we discussed the merits of changing the traditional seat- at -desk for the office to a more upright version. A recent article in the times ( Sept 29 2017) described a novel approach adopted by the Kewstoke primary school near Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. They invested in special standing desks after research suggested that some children learnt better when they were standing up and more active rather than sitting at a desk. According to the manufacturers (!) the desks also help to improve fitness and reduce obesity by promoting a less sedentary lifestyle.

At northlondonosteopaths Alan Nevies and his colleagues are always open to new ideas and approaches to help the different age groups that visit the surgery. Alan Nevies works closely with paediatrician Dr Nathan Hasson who believes that today children are suffering from a range of issues, especially hyper mobility, because of a significant reduction in activity. Alan would certainly confirm that encouraging the children to stand more and facilitating this with an appropriate desk would be beneficial because muscles are being used whilst standing to maintain stability. Aditionally blood flow is increased and a better posture is maintained whilst standing rather than stooping in a chair. There is a sense of greater awareness of ones surroundings with standing and its harder to fall asleep when standing! (that may also be connected to how interesting the lessons are)