20 Jan 2015

Sports-good for you and good for us!

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At North London Osteopaths we get sheepish phone calls on most Monday mornings. Our patients have been exercising and enjoying themselves playing sport over the weekend and somehow there is a collection of injuries that have to be dealt with. Some are so severe that they require a visit to A&E. Others may be extremely painful and inconvenient and can be helped by osteopathic technique and treatment. Probably the greatest percentage will self heal, given the right combination of rest and sensible precautions. Those too can benefit from the right kind of osteopathic manoeuvres as a way of speeding up the healing process and returning to good health.

Alan Nevies and his colleagues can give you some pointers to ensure that exercise remains only beneficial. In this category of preventable or avoidable injury (we cannot say much to those who think they are the invincible variety of superman) the advice is as follows:

Warm up properly with stretches before over exercising.
Warm down at the end of your exercising session.
Remember everyones body is different so don’t get upset in the guy next to you is lifting twice as much weights as you.
Exercise sensibly and remember less time but more frequent exercising is more beneficial.

Enjoy your excercising and remember if you get into trouble Alan Nevies and Associates at NorthLondonOsteopaths is here to help.


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