04 Feb 2016

Patient Participation

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Chances are when you come to your osteopath you expect to be told what your problem is and what may be causing it and how osteopathic treatment will help you get better. At northlondonosteopaths.co.uk Alan Nevies and colleagues take the time to communicate clearly and professionally with patients so that they understand what is going on, what to expect during treatment and any post treatment possibilities. There are 5 steps of shared decision making which are helpful in this regard.

Firstly understanding the patient’s expectations. Alan Nevies and his colleagues take a detailed case history and the observe the patient carefully so they are able to see a whole picture of the person in front of them. Patients are then informed so that they understand the scope and potential benefits of treatment.

Secondly building partnerships. In a shift from doctor (or osteopath) knows best medical professionals involve the patient in the best course of treatment. Alan Nevies and his colleagues will involve the patient to a greater extent so that treatment decisions are made together.

Thirdly Alan Nevies and his colleagues will where possible give evidence to show the treatment being proposed is the best option. This is a way of ensuring that a patient has realistic expectations.

Fourthly Alan Nevies and his colleagues will suggest postural positions and other lifestyle changes that will help maintain the benefits of the treatments.

Last but not least, with much care and patience Alan Nevies and his colleagues make sure all this information has been absorbed!