23 Jun 2016

Packing list for golfers

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Jokes aside, those lucky enough to be able to play golf might pack our osteopath before they pack their toothpaste. The list of unfortunate back related complaints suffered by great golfers is long and gruelling. Tiger Woods needed back surgery for a pinched nerve in 2014 and again in September 2015. Fred Couples was forced to withdraw from the masters this year because of back problems. Justin Rose missed the BMW PGA championship because of a back injury.

Northlondonosteopaths is not located on a golf course but Alan Nevies and his associates will be happy to help you if you are suffering with a bad back and need to tee off quickly. Here is what we might do for you and suggest you do for yourself.

Warm up before going on the golf course. Remember the swing at golf is a very sharp, strong rotational swing. You and will need good precision to hit the ball which is the object of the exercise. However you will also need to be mindful of not putting too much strain on muscles and ligaments of the lower back, especially those that have not been properly stretched and warmed up before the game.

Whilst out on a long golf course remember to drink fluids to avoid dehydration, although as flaming June goes down in the records as being one of the wettest and windiest, it is not likely to be such a problem in Rule Brittania.