21 Jun 2015

Mixed up messages

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At northlondonosteopaths Alan Nevies and his colleagues update their information and keep abreast of new and relevant developments in medical journals and the daily press. Recently, Alan Nevies noticed a double page spread, front and back pages no less, for an anti inflammatory gel, entitled “Don’t let pain slow you down” with two people looking the picture of health as they rode their bikes. Clearly targeting the more mature market, the gist of the advert was that older people who are “past constant gym sessions and regular games with their mates, should not let exercise aches and pains deter them from activity” but rather slap on the gel and ride through the pain.

Whilst Alan Nevies and his colleagues at northlondonosteopaths agree that aging should not be a bar to regular and appropriate physical activity, associating a wonderful healthy habit with an anti inflammatory gel/drug is not the best way forward. We are happy to advise people on the kind and amount of activity that is suitable for their age and stage in life so that they should not feel the need to resort to medication. We take exception to the advert that was effectively promoting this pharmaceutical product as an intrinsic part of exercising for a certain generation.

Come and visit Alan Nevies for advice and get fit and have fun without going via the chemist.


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