05 Sep 2023

Joint up thinking from northlondonosteopaths

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Alan Nevies and his colleagues at northlondonosteopaths are always on the look out for latest news and views about the muscular skeletal system. In today’s Daily Telegraph, Sarah Knapton the science editor reports that millions of people, more women than men, are suffering from joint pain that exercise can help. Many of these people put the pain down to aging and assume they have to grin and bear it. A new survey of 8,000 people by Nuffield Health found that just 17% of people living with joint pain were aware of what exercise could help them feel better.

Please do not suffer in silence. The survey also showed that 80% of British women and 77% of British men have joint pain with sufferers getting 40 minutes less sleep at night than people without problems. Women in particular found that the pain was severe enough to impact their sleep and affect their emotional wellbeing. Joint pain affects working, sleeping, walking, exercising and resting. Please come in to northlondonosteopaths where Alan Nevies and his colleagues can show you the best exercises to help your specific problem and thus benefit your overall health.