22 Nov 2015

Great Performances

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Behind every great performer there is an even greater audience, and very often a great osteopath as well. At northlondonosteopaths.co.uk. Alan Nevies and his colleagues have experience with dancers and musicians who have injured themselves while performing or simply suffered aches and sprains from the physical demands of their profession.

When Alan Nevies was training at the British School of Osteopathy it was located in Suffolk Street around the corner from Trafalgar Square, close to London’s theatres and concert halls. Performers would come in with injuries to their necks,arms and feet and need treatment to restore them to full health by their evenings performances.

Today when musicians phone up northlondonosteopaths in a panic to be ship shape before the performance Alan Nevies will often advise them to use contrast bathing to reduce the inflammation of the joint and be treated immediately.

Whatever the case sit back and enjoy the incredible sounds and spectacles that the dancers and musicians are providing you with. And spare a thought for the osteopath who helped put them back together again so they could achieve their potential with a smile on their face in place of a grimace of pain.