20 Jun 2014

Going away on holiday

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As we approach the summer months we know that many of the patients from North London Osteopaths, Golders Green, will be going away on holiday.

Heavy lifting is a common reason for low back pain and here at North London Osteopaths we can provide some tips which will make lifting easier, safer and hopefully injury free!

Tip 1 – use your knees not your back

This is probably the most important advice when lifting heavy things like suitcases. It is important to keep your back straight and bend/ straighten your knees to lift a case.

Tip 2 – do not twist your back while holding heavy suitcases

When holding heavy suitcases make sure if you need to turn to your left/ right it is better to do this by twisting on the balls of your feet and not by twisting your back! Twisting your back whilst carrying a heavy load is a common reason for spinal disc injuries and always best avoided especially before your holiday!

Tip 3 – lift in stages to ease workload

For example on the plane if you need to get heavy items into overhead locker first lift it onto the top of the seat and then in another motion lift it further into the locker.

By breaking up the workload it will reduce the risk of injury to your lower back.

Tip 4 – stand in a neutral stance and make sure weight is evenly distributed

This means legs should be slightly apart, knees slightly bent and back straight.

Wherever you are heading, from the shores of Golders Green, enjoy!


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