26 Jul 2016

The Funny Side of Osteopathy

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Alan Nevies and his colleagues at northlondonosteopaths have their share of funny stories (always respecting patient’s confidentiality). However it is not often that an osteopath provides the source material for a famous comedian. The exception to the rule occurred recently when Michael McIntyre crafted a sketch about his osteopath who happens to be Alan Nevies. The audience was regaled with tales of over excited and under talented tennis players who suffer Wimbeldon-induced delusions of grandeur and end up at northlondonosteopaths as Alan Nevies and his colleagues try to remedy the damage. A family friend was in the audience and excitedly called Alan Nevies’s son to share the news that the audience had been introduced to a famously funny osteopath.

Alan is very happy that he was featured in this way, and next time will give Michael some calling cards before the show.