13 Jul 2014

Many people in the mild temperatures of north London suffer from frozen shoulder. At North London osteopaths, Alan Nevies and associates diagnose and treat this problem frequently. A frozen shoulder occurs when the shoulder joint capsule contracts, either for no apparent reason or following a minor injury. This results in pain and stiffness and may make many simple everyday tasks difficult. The cause and trigger of this condition remain elusive.

At North London Osteopaths we observe 3 phases.

Phase 1-PAIN. This may start off mildly but gets more severe in the following weeks and months. This is known as the freezing phase during which the shoulder loses the ability to move freely and can be very painful. The pain is bad at night time and can be made worse by sudden shoulder movement.

Phase 2-STIFFNESS. This is the “frozen” phase when the pain begins to decrease but stiffness is felt over the shoulder region. It may develop after 2-3 months.

Phase 3-THAWING. This is the return of normal movement and function and can take 1-3years.

Alan Nevies and associates at North London osteopaths aim to help speed up the healing process and shorten the time taken between phases, returning your shoulder to normal movement.


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