20 Jul 2017

Frightening headlines

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The Times, Friday July 14, boldly and depressingly describes “How ill health is turning retirement into hard work.” The first paragraph went on to say

“The average man or woman will spend their entire retirement in ill health a watch dog has warned.”

A prominent table in the centre of this dismal article listed lower back and neck pain as the first of the top ten causes of illness and disability in England. Enter northlondonosteopaths. In the vast majority of cases that are attributed to lifestyle habits the undisputed misery of lower back and neck pain is avoidable. Alan Nevies and his associates Sean Noimark and Ari Nevies are delighted to show you how. They will provide osteopathic treatment where appropriate to relieve a problem in the musculoskeletal system. They will offer postural advice and suggest exercises to prevent problems from occurring. With the right combination of their help and self-help we would say that most people should enjoy a pain free retirement that will be productively enjoyed.

Which prediction would you choose?