23 May 2014

Dealing with allergies

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Here at northlondonosteopaths.co.uk we are ready for the bright beautiful skies of spring and the lazy hazy crazy days of summer and we can help you get ready too! Sadly, many people suffer with a variety of allergies caused by the different pollens that proliferate now and osteopathy can be very useful as a way of dealing with some of the symptoms.

The constant runny or blocked nose, the incessant sneezing, the streaming and itchy eyes are three common reactions. In March, April and May tree pollen may be the culprit. In June the spot light shines on grass pollen.In August and September it is potato and wheat pollen. What ever the month and cause, Alan Nevies and his associates Sean and Sabrina can come to the rescue. Osteopathic treatment is advised to help drain the sinus cavities, clear the congested mucus, calm the nerve irritation and improve the blood supply. The osteopaths will also check the muscle tensions and neck alignments and work on these areas if necessary. By releasing and correcting these pathways we can help the body deal with the allergens.

In addition to using the many possibilities of osteopathic treatment, we would also advise on other lifestyle practises,eg refraining from dairy products which cause more mucus, to achieve a snuffle and sneeze free summer!


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