07 Dec 2020

Coming out of lockdown

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With restrictions easing we are finally able to leave our houses for reasons other than work and essential shopping. Gyms and other sporting facilities will be opening up again and it might be tempting to throw caution to the winds and be a bigger version of a kid in a sweet shop . However, STOP BEFORE YOU START. Alan Nevies and his colleagues at northlondonosteopaths are here to advise you to get back in to your exercise programme without injuring yourself and beginning another this time self-imposed lockdown from the gym.

We have compiled a list of do’s and don’t to help keep you fit, strong and injury free when returning to the gym.


  • warm up and warm down before and after exercise
  • Work your way back into exercise slowly
  • Gradual increase in weight/ intensity
  • Strengthen muscle -mind connection (think about what you wish to achieve)
  • Use your breath in a deep controlled manner to help you perform at your best


  • rush back into exercise without appropriate care
  • Lift too much (remember if you haven’t trained in a while you will need to work yourself back up to that level)
  • Mindlessly exercise- this will negatively affect your goals and increase the risk of injury
  • Hold your breath when exercising- you might think it helps get that last rep out but it starves your muscles of the oxygen they need

These are just a few tips for you to think about and implement before getting back into the swing of the gym. Please feel free to contact Alan Nevies and his colleagues at northlondonosteopaths if you need any advice or an appointment to assess your osteopathic suitability for a return to the gym.