25 Mar 2015

The case for sensible packing

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Approaching the Easter break at North London Osteopaths we aim to supply you with some sensible advice to help towards your happy, restful and pain free holiday. Especially if you are travelling, try to ensure that each bag you pack does not weigh more than 20 kilos, rather taking two lighter bags if the total weight exceeds 20 kg. Your back is particularly at risk when you lift cases in and out of cars, or try to retrieve them as they make their merry way round the baggage carousels at the airport. As you lean forward you are likely to twist and or pull the back muscles and sacral iliac ligaments. The consequences of this simple move may be far from simple. Symptoms ranging from soreness and stiffness, all the way to acute spasms or nerve root compression may confine you to bed or mean that you have to schedule a visit to the local osteopath. Not something that you would choose to put in your holiday itinerary!

Alan Nevies and his colleagues repeat their favourite mantra: prevention is better than cure, especially when we are not there to help you.


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