29 May 2015

Best Foot Forward at www.northlondonosteopaths.co.uk

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At North London Osteopaths, Alan Nevies and his colleagues are making this official policy. We believe that feet should not only be considered when a problem arises, or as the showcase for killer heels or other outrageous footwear. It is time that feet were recognized for the essential and hard work that they do, step in step out, day in day out. Form, function and construction combine to provide us with the foundation of our bodies and we just assume they will do their job .We can acknowledge them even, nay especially, when they do not hurt us. We can learn how to care for them, respect them and regard them as miraculous. Find out how in the following paragraphs.

Firstly, the mechanics of the foot. The foot must endure many forces running through it and the stress that comes with being the structure that hits the ground first when we walk or run. The foot has transverse and longitudinal arches made up of tendons/ ligaments that help keep the foot stable. These arches are needed so that the foot can efficiently absorb the forces coming from the ground when walking/ running. Complete loss or a reduction of these arches can result in what is called ‘flat feet’. Flat feet can have a big impact on structures further up the body (main example are the knees) this is due to the fact that the forces are not dissipated as they should be and if they are left untreated can cause damage due to long term repetitive trauma.

Secondly, how we can help them do their jobs most efficiently. Foot care consists of wearing appropriate and correctly fitting shoes. In addition, using a foot roller daily to massage and keep all the individual bones of the foot moving is highly recommended. Sometimes orthotics may be recommended to deal with particular problems related to feet.

Thirdly, how we can realize their potential in contributing to whole body health. Painful, inflamed feet may cause damage beyond the local area. General immunity can be affected as the discomfort may weaken the body’s defence systems. Whilst this sounds farfetched recent research has connected diseases not normally associated with feet to problems arising from inflammation of various parts of the feet.

So Alan Nevies and his colleagues at north London osteopaths can keep your feet in optimum health with good advice and osteopathic techniques. You can even show case your bright smile as you enjoy pain free feet with a spring in your step.


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