22 Feb 2023

Knees up mother/father Brown?!

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In a very informative article in the Times UK 3/2/23 Peta Bee suggests 8 ways to keep your knees pain free. At Northlondonosteopaths Alan Nevies and his colleagues are always promoting tried and tested methods of keeping people moving with ease. Considering well functioning knees are such an important part of mobility which is such an important contributor to overall health, these tips are worth considering and implementing.

The staff at northlondonosteopaths would certainly agree with the overall benefits of avoiding excessive weight gain and staying as active as possible. These obvious strategies will help with a huge range of health problems. The tips that specifically applied to knees are as follows:

  1. Doing 20 sets of squats, lunges and reverse lunges is excellent. So is cycling. Alan Nevies and his colleagues at northlondonosteopaths are happy to show you the best way to do these movements to get maximum benefit.
  2. 6,000 steps a day! Walking briskly has been shown to prevent or help many different ailments that we suffer from. Again, Alan Nevies and his colleagues at northlondonosteopaths can help you attain your best walking gait.
  3. Check your vitamin D levels. If these are low then get medical advice on the best way to supplement to achieve optimum levels
  4. Avoid specific knee and joint health supplements as so far these have not been shown conclusively to benefit the joints
  5. Use painkillers sparingly. Some NSAIDs may make osteoarthritis of the knee worse by increasing inflammation and cartilage damage. However some people find they help with knee pain and limited, cautious use, ie the lowest dose for the shortest amount of time for flare ups is recommended.
  6. APOS super shoes may be available on the NHS. These are a brand of trainer like footwear that have been shown to reduce pain and stiffness of the knee and improve functional movement. You might be eligible for these after discussions with your GP and consultant. They are quite an investment at £875 per pair.
  7. Strengthening your quads with straight leg lifts can help with knee issues. Alan Nevies and his colleagues at northlondonosteopaths will be happy to show you how.
  8. If you have noisy knees you might be at increased risk of osteoarthritis, so speak to a professional who can identify the cause of the popping and clicking sounds.

At northlondonosteopaths Alan Nevies and his colleagues try their best to keep everyone in the circle for a good old knees up!